Razer Pro Click Bluetooth Mouse-enhance functionality of your netbook

While touchpad of my ASUS EeePC 901 is working well for majority of applications, there are some that are not easy to operate without regular mouse. These applications include Adobe Photoshop, GIMP and other drawing, image manipulating and CAD software. Razer Pro Click Bluetooth Mouse is a pure solution to the problem. While you can easily attach any USB mouse to the netboook, Bluetooth Mouse could be an exellent solution for your “mouse mobility” needs. Espesially, taking into account Bluetooth interface presence in your favorite netbook.

Razer Pro Click Bluetooth Mouse is priced for less than $30 at your convenience

With its pocket-sized, ergonomic ambidextrous design, the Razer Pro Click Mobile Notebook Mouse is the ideal notebook mouse for professionals on the go and where space is a constraint. Experience high-precision performance and true freedom with Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity.
Uninterrupted Connectivity – With Bluetooth 2.0 adaptive frequency hopping, you can be assured of a reliable performance no matter where you are.
Ergonomic Form Factor – Enjoy true comfort on the go, with the ergonomic ambidextrous design and sleek non-slip finishing of the Razer Pro Click Mobile.
No Drivers Required – With no need for any driver installation, getting started with the Razer Pro Click Mobile is simply a breeze. I installation is easy with no drivers required.
Razer Pro Click Bluetooth Mouse is powered by two AA battery’s and it has the on/off switch to help extend battery life. This is very nice feature for mobile product.
This Bluetooth Mouse keeps all USB ports available for other devices.
And the price, that is almost too times less than most of other Bluetooth Mouse’s on the market.