Sheetfed Scanner from NeatReceipts (00162 )

00162 Sheetfed Scanner from NeatReceipts for $74.99

Neat Receipts has developed a lightweight, portable, durable color scanner, the Neat Receipt Scanalizer Sheetfed Travel Scanner. The said device is powered by the USB port, so no need to plug it in an electrical port. It scans quickly and easily without opening and closing the lid. It only measures 10.8” x 1.6” x 1.3”. Though the device is small and slim, it offers 600 dpi optical resolutions for impressive image quality.

This sheetfed scanner designed by Neat Receipts uses advanced Optical Character Recognition. OCR is the recognition of printed or written text characters by a computer. This involves photo scanning of the text character-by-character, analysis of the scanned-in image, and then translation of the character image into character codes, such as ASCII, commonly used in data processing. In OCR processing, the scanned-in image or bitmap is analyzed for light and dark areas in order to identify each alphabetic letter or numeric digit. When a character is recognized, it is converted into an ASCII code. Special circuit boards and computer chips designed expressly for OCR are used to speed up the recognition process.
Neat Receipts is also generous enough to include software technology that extracts key information from your receipts, such as date, amount, payment method, expense category and vendor. If you scan business cards, the said device automatically pulls out information like name, company, address, phone numbers, email address etc. Additionally, this sheetfed scanner associates an expense category such as meals or lodging to a particular vendor so you don’t have to type in the information each time. This ensures that your financial records are filed consistently with minimal effort.