Fixing performance issues with Windows Vista and Windows 7

My Windows Vista system become unresponsive, while using Safari browser or Windows explorer. The system was doing almost nothing, but CPU load was very high and system becomes nonresponsive and very slow.

If you are experiencing performance issues with Windows Vista or Windows 7, if your system becomes nonresponsive, while doing almost nothing and CPU utilization looks unreasonably high, here is one possible solution.

Open Services panel. To do so in Windows Vista you should go to Administrative Tools and click on Services. In the Services panel find “Windows Search”. This service provides content indexing and property caching for file, email and other content. By default, this service is starting automatically. Double click on this service and change its startup type to manual or disabled. Also, stop this service if it is already started. It is probably a good idea to reboot system afterwards. If the service is stopped or disabled, the Windows Explorer will not be able to display virtual folder views of items, and search in the Windows Explorer will fall back to item-by-item slow search. I can leave with slow search as soon as it fixed my Windows system performance issue.