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Invion Ellipse 2GB Video, Music, Pictures MP3/MP4 Player review, first impressions

Ellipse 2GB Video, Music, Pictures MP3 Player

What I like about Invion Ellipse 2GB Video, Music, Pictures MP3/MP4 Player:

  • It works!!!
  • Very cheap for 2GB Video, Music, Pictures MP3/MP4 Player. Can’t beat the price
  • Sound quality is OK
  • It supports 2 types of sync interfaces
    • Media player interface that uses Windows Media Player as a master device to prepare and synchronize play lists
    • USB flash drive interface, just drop your MP3 files prom PC hard drive to Invion Ellipse flash drive and you are ready to go

Make sure that you have chosen the right interface. If you want to switch between interfaces, you have to delete all previously recorded files before you would be able to work with another interface. This may cause a bit of confusion at the beginning.

What I don’t like about Invion Ellipse 2GB Video, Music, Pictures MP3/MP4 Player:

  • Poorly designed interface. This is something personal, but for me it does not look very intuitive and informative. And what is even worse, the skin for MP3 player is very badly designed. It is hard to say where you are and what you are playing. Player shows only a few letters of folder name and is not scrolling it. The same with play list name. 1.8” display is big but almost useless with the way it is utilized. It is very hard to navigate and majority of the screen is used by the skin with very small area dedicated to lyrics information and names. Some portion of lyrics info is scrolled, but not much of it. It is very difficult to browse to the song you want to listen
  • Slow interface speed. Yes, it is USB2 compatible, but real sync speed is 3 or 4 times slower, compared to my Sansa player
  • It comes without wall charger and could be charged only from computer USB2 cable. This means that you can’t take this player for a trip right out of the box if you would not have access to PC. Wall charger should be purchased separately if you need it
  • Small battery lifetime. Expect only 6 hours of MP3 playback between charges
  • Poorly written manual

So, to make short summary of my first impressions:

  • Value for the money-3.5
  • Performance-3
  • Ease of Use-2
  • Overall Satisfaction-2.5 out of 5

Protect yourself from hard drive failure-Western Digital 2TB My Book Mirror Edition External Hard drive review

Just yesterday, one of my friends told me a terrible story of loosing 150 Gbyte’s of valuable data when his hard drive crashed. He is not unique. Sometime this happens and we all know that hard drive reliability could be better. How you can protect yourself from this happening?

Cavalry 2TB Hard Drive- RAID1 External Hard Drive – CADA002SA2

While amount of stored data doubles for every 1.5 year, you may want to consider real backup of your data and RAID 1 data protection. RAID 1, which stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks type 1, means that you can achieve greater levels of reliability by using two disks to store the same data, so that data is not lost as long as one disk survives. Total capacity of the array is just the capacity of a single disk. The failure of one drive allows using data from the second one, as soon as both store the same data.

Majority of modern chipsets are supporting one or the other RAID options and you may configure your desktop motherboard RAID controller to support one. What about laptop? What if you want to have redundant data backup of all files that you care about and have really reliable storage of all your multimedia files, MP3 collections, movies, ebooks and any other digital content?

WD’s My Book Mirror Edition dual-drive storage system with RAID Mirroring

This is where Western Digital 2TB My Book Mirror Edition RAID External Hard drive will shine. WD’s My Book Mirror Edition used two drives, stetted as RAID1 storage system that automatically mirrors content of one drive to the other. Increased redundancy will cost you half of capacity, but definitely worth it. You may reconfigure this drive to support RAID 0 operation and get 2 Terra Byte capacity, but stored data would not be redundant any more.

The best thing about WD 2TB My Book Mirror Edition external hard drive is that you don’t have to do anything to get data redundancy. When you store your personal content on a My Book Mirror Edition system, all valuable data is automatically mirrored for extra protection – making it easy and economical to benefit from the data redundancy typically found in corporate data centers. This mirroring technology makes the new dual-drive systems an ideal storage solution for photographers, home users and small offices and anyone looking for extra assurance that their data is safe.
Do you want this data safety and redundancy-decision is yours. Good news are: you have this easy to use solution offered by My Book Mirror Edition External Hard Drive by Western Digital.


Soyo for less: enjoy full featured 22” DYLM2284 LCD monitor for a very funny price

SOYO 22″ DYLM2284

I recently purchased this monitor because decided to replace my old CRT NEC Multisync for something bigger and newer. While looking around, I found very attractive price wise 22” monitor. 22” looked like the right choice and I bought it. After the purchase was made, I finally started to do some research. I’d better done this before.  A lot of people were reporting dead pixels, though some other were happy with their purchase. I was concerned about dead pixels even before the monitor arrived.
Out of the box.
Monitor came in a regular package, which contained 22” DYLM2280 LCD monitor, monitor stand, power cord, VGA cable and audio cable. The package does not include DMI cable.
Assembly is fast and painless: clip-on monitor’s stand and you done.
Monitor uses slightly mate plastic. This was one of the reasons why I bought it. I don’t like shining reflective monitors. Height is not adjustable, but you can adjust vertical angle. That is typical for monitors of this class and price range. And I don’t think that it is really necessary to be able to adjust the height of the stand. At least, it height was OK for my setup. Nothing really special, just nice modest look.
Picture quality, first look.
After reading all these reviews about dead pixels, I done my homework and was prepared for the test. Make the search on dead pixel recovery and you will find the same tools. After performing a couple of various tests and spending some time trying different patterns, I was not able to find any defects on the screen. No dead pixels. I felt much better. However, there was something wrong. As I discovered later, I used wrong settings for display resolution of my card. Make sure that your video card is supporting native resolution of this monitor which is 1680×1050 if you want to get best picture quality. While playing with different screen resolutions I figured out that DYLM2280 is able to support wide range of screen resolutions. Automatic adjustment works fine and you don’t have to care about screen settings.
Picture quality, more…
My Soyo required some adjustment of RGB balance to get good white balance. The difference between R, G and B channels was less than 10%. Brightness and contrast were about 45-55% with reasonable bright display. Controls for display are located at the lower edge of plastic panel under display and I miss pressed them for a couple of times, being blinded by a very bright blue led power indicator. Overall picture quality is good, picture is bright and vibrant, very sharp and no major problems were detected.
Integrated speakers.
This monitor offers integrated speakers. Consider these speakers to be more like a joke from Soyo. Quality of speakers is terrible. You’ll probably hear something from them but don’t name this “sound”. Don’t consider using integrated speakers unless you need only beeper. Even my small passive speakers sound better.
I was not able to find any picture problems, reported in some reviews of Soyo 22” DYLM2280 LCD monitor. My opinion: it worth it’s money and it would be hard to find anything recognizably better for less than twice as much as you will pay for Soyo DYLM2280, especially when it is on sale. Good overall picture quality, full set of typical features, modest appearance, no problems so far.


The new bargain-tastic MP3/MP4 player from Creative-Creative Zen Mozaic

James Rivington published review of Creative Zen Mozaic MP3/MP4 player at “Techradar”:

As a low-end MP3 player, the Creative Zen Mozaic is well worth a look. Despite the American spelling, there really isn’t much to dislike about this one, and there’s plenty to love.

At launch, the 2GB version costs £50, which is remarkably cheap when you stop to consider what you’re getting for your money.

The second-generation Apple iPod Shuffle costs about £32 for nothing but 1GB of memory and a clip to attach to your clothing.

But for £20 more, the Zen Mozaic offers you a whole world of fun.

Feature rich

The 1.8-inch colour screen is very low res, but it’s perfectly adequate and makes navigating through your music very easy.

And just like with the Mozaic’s big brother, the Creative Zen X-Fi, as well as listening to music, you can also look at photos, watch videos, make voice recordings and listen to FM radio.

That’s a hell of a lot for just 50 quid.

The Zen Mozaic also has a built-in speaker so you can play your music out-loud. This feature is not as good as on the Zen X-Fi. But it still services a purpose – you can play friends a sample of a song, or listen if you’ve forgotten your earphones.

Why the name?

The Mozaic name comes from the nature of the interface design. The controls are very easy to use – easier than the Zen X-Fi in fact, due to the nice big buttons. It’s perfect for kids, grannies and anyone with short fingernails.

The Zen Mozaic becomes less of a bargain as you add more memory though – the 16GB version will set you back around £120 on launch – that’s more than twice the price of the cheapest version. And it’s only £20 less than the 16GB Zen X-Fi, which is better in almost every way.

So if you’re looking for a very good value, cheap MP3 player. This one will do you proud. It’s got it all. But don’t be tempted to buy one with a larger capacity – because you might as well buy the Zen X-Fi if you need to store more songs.


Play with my virtual chumby

In case that you don’t have your Chumby yet, play with my virtual Chumby and get the sense of this fantastic gadget. Don’t run away as you see it. It is not about clock. Spend 1 minute more. Enjoy Chumby’s flexibility!


Tiny Universal Micro Spy Remote Control

Micro Spy Keychain Remote

The device is compatible with most brands and small enough to keep you from being discovered. Absolutely amazing. Small size makes it peerless while taking control of your friend’s TV set. Universal Micro Spy Remote Control is small, easy to conceal, and easy to use, especially if you have practice with one.

James Bond can rest in piece when you have this remote in your pocket


What the heck is a chumby?

I asked my self this question at the very first moment I’ve heard about this cool device. While many manufactures are only speaking about adding cool nontraditional features to their devises, chumby already put together the latest wireless technology, touch-screen display, Linux OS and made it work for you, introducing completely new class of small home appliances.

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Garmin Road Tech™ z?mo® GPS Navigator for Harley Davidson

A customized version of Garmin’s popular motorcycle-specific GPS device specially enhanced for Harley owners. “The Road Tech z?mo helps Harley riders plan and navigate their route with ease,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales. “Packed with all of the preloaded features that z?mo users have come to expect and appreciate, the Road Tech z?mo anticipates the needs of Harley riders everywhere.”