What the heck is a chumby?

I asked my self this question at the very first moment I’ve heard about this cool device. While many manufactures are only speaking about adding cool nontraditional features to their devises, chumby already put together the latest wireless technology, touch-screen display, Linux OS and made it work for you, introducing completely new class of small home appliances.

Isn't it a picture frame?

Isn't it a picture frame?

It is not surprising that CHUMBY is very popular. This multifunction device could be your best home companion in many convenient ways.
The chumby stuffs a world of always-available internet content into a small touch-screen device that let’s you view your favorite internet widgets, sites, videos and podcasts. You can easily program chumby from your computer to display up-to-the-minute news, sport scores, weather and much, much more Chose from the hundreds of options available on the online chumby network and they’ll get delivered to your chumby player through your own wi-fi connection. Stay connected to content that you want.

Your chumby tells time, plays your favorite music and even plays games. Wake up with the most resent local weather information or your favorite internet radio station (there are thousands to choose from). Or use your chumby as a digital picture frame along with photo sites like Picasa and Flickr to give new life to those thousands of buried pictures on your computer. The squishy sides allow you to pick it up and use it like a game controller for the many custom games available on the Chumby Network.

Alarm Clock? Hmm...

Alarm Clock? Hmm...

Your life isn’t all work and no play with a chumby Find some delight and surprise in your day by choosing some fun and entertaining channels from the Chumby Network. Browse the humor, entertainment or lifestyle categories. Digg into favorite TV listing with one press of the screen.
Always on and available whenever you are, with a chumby by your side, you’ll spend less time logging on, searching, and downloading, and more time viewing, listening, and interacting with web content that’s important to you. And what is more considerable, it can replace a lot of common devices in your house and become your true favorite home entertainment center, being portable and as customizable as you want.

Chumby and News

Chamby and News



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