Electric Havoc Laser Battle RTF 2 RC Helicopter Set

Spinmaster Electric Havoc Heli Laser Battle RTF 2 RC Helicopter Pack

Take flight and buzz through the open air and shoot each other down with the Spinmaster Havoc Heli Laser Battle 2 RC Helicopter Pack. With a mere 6.5-inch size, you’ll marvel as this miniature RC copter zips and zings around your living room with remarkable precision and speed. Includes 3 frequency bands so you can fly up to three at a time. A new limit has been reached with the amazing Havoc Heli Laser Battling Set! Now you can battle helicopters with your friends and shoot them down from the sky. Simply fly into position, fire from your controller and BAM! your opponent goes into a wild tailspin! The Havoc Heli Battling Set comes complete with 2 helicopters, 2 controllers, authentic battling sounds, 2 long life rechargeable LiPo batteries and real infrared targeting. These battle helicopters are Ready to Fly right out of the box so that you can enjoy them the same day that you open them!