World’s First Laser-Powered Television-65 Inch LaserVue Rear Projection HDTV-Mitsubishi L65-A90 Projection TV

Mitsubishi L65-A90 65-Inch LaserVue Rear Projection HDTV

    The Laser Era Begins:

  • World’s First Laser-powered Television
  • Twice the Color Over 200% of HDTV
  • Energy Efficient-135W Operating Power
  • 3D Ready, High Contrast, 1080p Display
  • Smooth 120Hz operation
  • UltraThin™ Frame
  • Black Lacquer Finish with Blue Diamond Accent Lighting
  • ….. and much more (read quick spec for Mitsubishi L65-A90 65-Inch LaserVue Rear Projection HDTV)

Some notes about Mitsubishi L65-A90 65-Inch LaserVue Rear Projection HDTV from

We’ll be frank — Mitsubishi’s 65-inch LaserVue L65-A90 was one of the most stunning things we saw at CEDIA 2008, so we’re not surprised to hear that one of the very first production units impressed the lucky folks over at TheTechLounge. Said individuals were able to take a first-hand look at Mitsu’s forthcoming beast, and while the situation was obviously optimal for viewing, they couldn’t help but praise the TV. The demonstration included two LaserVue sets, one of which was displaying 3D 1080p content from an HTPC and another that was setup beside LCDs for comparison. When staring at the aforesaid comparison setup, critics noted that “color performance on the LaserVue was noticeably more impressive.” There’s lots more reaction and images where this came from, so delve on into the read if this here set is on your wish list.