Samsung Q1 Ultra – ELXP Tablet PC – NP-Q1U/600

Samsung Q1U-EXLP Q1 Ultra Mobile PC Intel A100 600MHZ, 1GB, 40GB HDD, 7″ WSVGA, 802.11b/g, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition for $649.95

The Q1 Ultra has the same size 7-inch display as its predecessor. Screen resolution is 1024 x 600 and is brighter compared to the older model with its’ 800 x 480 display. This bright higher-resolution screen makes reading, surfing Web pages, and watching videos much more enjoyable.
Samsung Q1 Ultra is the first of a new range of UMPCs that are based on Intels McCaslin architecture. McCaslin provides a 600/800Mhz processor coupled with a 945 chipset (Aero Glass support.)
If you’ve ever used a Pocket PC or Palm PDA, some of the features — and limitations — of the Q1 Ultra will seem very familiar. Its 7-inch, 1020-by-600 touch screen is about four times the size of the typical PDA screen, but it’s still small. And the price is very good for this model.