Hava Platinum HD-stream your live TV programs to multiple PCs

Hava Platinum HD-stream your live TV programs to multiple PCs

    Enjoy your home TV:

  • at home in any room or in your backyard
  • in your hotel room around the world
  • on vacation, at work, at a Starbucks cafe
  • at the airport
  • basically anywhere you have access to high-speed internet.

A revolutionary TV place-shifting device that allows you to watch and control live home TV from broadband Internet or data network connected PC or mobile phone. HAVA lets you watch your live home TV in multiple rooms around the house, at work, or around the globe.

If you are looking to improve your home theater experience, the HAVA Platinum HD is a natural fit. By connecting any of your HD video sources directly to HAVA you now have the ability to stream your live TV programs to multiple PCs simultaneously around the home using your existing home network. If you have Media Center PCs, HAVA will allow you to watch TV on them without requiring a TV Tuner card installed or even a TV connection in that room. HAVA Platinum HD enables any network connected PC to pause, rewind, fast forward and even record your favorite TV shows to your PCs hard disk. If archiving of your favorite shows is important, then use the HAVA software client to Burn them onto a DVD. Dont leave your home theater experience at home, HAVA Platinum HD allows you watch and control you home TV, set top box or DVD player from anywhere in the world from a broadband Internet connected PC or mobile phone.