Streaming media from Windows 7 to network enabled Blu-Ray Player

Most of modern Blu-Ray Players are capable of delivering network content; many of them have Wi-Fi capability. In fact, ability to play internet content including Netflix was one of the main reasons why I bought my glorious Sony BDP-BX57 Blu-Ray Player from Costco. One more interesting and very useful feature is the ability of network enabled players to stream content from your PC to TV.
To do so, you should make your PC a DLNA certified media server. You can activate this capability of Windows Media Player (WMP) 11 or above. This will allow you to use home network connection on your DLNA certified media player (PS3, TV, Receiver, Blu-Ray player) to connect to the server and view media stored on your PC.

Here is step by step guide how to make Windows 7 PC a DLNA certified media server
and enable its capability of delivering content to network enabled player.

Open Control Panel, Network and Sharing Center.

On the left panel of Network and Sharing Center press “Change advanced sharing settings”.

Check that Media Streaming is on, if it is off- press “Choose media streaming options…”
and on the next screen press “Turn on media streaming”.

You will be taken to “Choose media streaming options for computers and devices”.

Make sure that “Allow All” is selected option.
You can further customize your sharing settings,
but previous steps are essential for enabling media streaming from your PC to network enabled device.

Windows Media Player integration in Windows 7 allows WMP to control
and organize your media on PC to select what you want to share on network connected device.
Make sure that “Automatically allow devices to play my media” option is selected in stream menu of WMP.

Add media, files and folders to your library
and enjoy watching them on your network connected device.



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  1. begemot on April 15th, 2012 11:34 am

    Sony recently published “How to troubleshoot Wi-Fi® dropout and connection issues”. I found it to be very useful. Check it out if you have network problems with your WI-Fi enabled Blu-Ray player.