Invion Ellipse 2GB Video, Music, Pictures MP3/MP4 Player review, first impressions

Ellipse 2GB Video, Music, Pictures MP3 Player

What I like about Invion Ellipse 2GB Video, Music, Pictures MP3/MP4 Player:

  • It works!!!
  • Very cheap for 2GB Video, Music, Pictures MP3/MP4 Player. Can’t beat the price
  • Sound quality is OK
  • It supports 2 types of sync interfaces
    • Media player interface that uses Windows Media Player as a master device to prepare and synchronize play lists
    • USB flash drive interface, just drop your MP3 files prom PC hard drive to Invion Ellipse flash drive and you are ready to go

Make sure that you have chosen the right interface. If you want to switch between interfaces, you have to delete all previously recorded files before you would be able to work with another interface. This may cause a bit of confusion at the beginning.

What I don’t like about Invion Ellipse 2GB Video, Music, Pictures MP3/MP4 Player:

  • Poorly designed interface. This is something personal, but for me it does not look very intuitive and informative. And what is even worse, the skin for MP3 player is very badly designed. It is hard to say where you are and what you are playing. Player shows only a few letters of folder name and is not scrolling it. The same with play list name. 1.8” display is big but almost useless with the way it is utilized. It is very hard to navigate and majority of the screen is used by the skin with very small area dedicated to lyrics information and names. Some portion of lyrics info is scrolled, but not much of it. It is very difficult to browse to the song you want to listen
  • Slow interface speed. Yes, it is USB2 compatible, but real sync speed is 3 or 4 times slower, compared to my Sansa player
  • It comes without wall charger and could be charged only from computer USB2 cable. This means that you can’t take this player for a trip right out of the box if you would not have access to PC. Wall charger should be purchased separately if you need it
  • Small battery lifetime. Expect only 6 hours of MP3 playback between charges
  • Poorly written manual

So, to make short summary of my first impressions:

  • Value for the money-3.5
  • Performance-3
  • Ease of Use-2
  • Overall Satisfaction-2.5 out of 5


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